Retirement finances can seem like a minefield - what to save, what to invest, what to spend?

Actually, with the right advice and planning, finance need not be a prickly subject, an itch at the back of the mind. Instead it can be one of comfort, a warming cloak of security. The right advice is the cement in a sturdy financial wall.

A common mistake with finances is to imagine that retirement will be a time of decreased expense. In the short-term it may be. But longer term, we must remember certain tasks, home repairs, for example, and mobility, will become limited by the aging process. Unexpected injury or illness can similarly have an impact.

Finance is the number one concern of those entering retirement. It absolutely needn’t be. With a careful and realistic plan, access to the right advice, and by learning from others, you can enjoy your retirement with the knowledge your finances can support your new lifestyle and account for any eventuality.

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