Health and Fitness

There are some who run marathons well into their 80s. Fear not – that need not be you! But healthy aging can only add to your retirement.
Halting the momentum of time is something beyond any of us, but, by taking care of our health and fitness, we can slow it down.

Looking after ourselves need not entail hours in a gym. It is about utilising the everyday – staying active, feeding the mind, perhaps adding one or two activities, as simple as a stroll around the block, to our lives.

Fitness Activities
What would make you go out of your comfort home? In order to have a fulfilling retirement life you need to have a purpose or incentives. Plan your days with a few activities you love doing; such as long walks, cooking for family; inviting friends over for meals and learning new skills.

Health Nutrition

Taking care of your food intake is a important aspect in old age.
We all know that poor nutrition causes deficiency in antioxidants and some vital vitamins and mineral which help our health in general and especially the aging process.

Meals - Breakfast
Breakfast has commonly been believed as the "most important meal of the day" As you grow older in order to maintain your health it's important to build your breakfast with protein rich foods.  One important aspect is don’t make a habit of skipping breakfast as a solution to weight lose, it will make matters worse instead of losing weight you may end up gaining weight.

Many researchers/studies found out that “breakfast skipping” is strongly associated with weight gain” and people who skip breakfast tend to have poor overall diet and most of time make poor food choices such as snacking on nutrient-deficient, high-fat, sugars foods etc”. Something which shouldn't be associated with your old age.

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