How to  manage your Precious Time Effectively

August 10, 2017

How to  manage your Precious Time Effectively

Now that you have the most precious item at your disposal it’s time to look and decide what  How lovely, all the time in the worldand how will you do to optimize  your time. How will you manage your time effectively in your retirement age. After years of having little extra time due to employment and other obligations, many people find themselves feeling unproductive, bored or quite simply “useless”. If this cycle is left unaddressed, often times the result is depression and lack of motivation to do anything at all. This can lead to a downward spiral (also known as “the black hole”) or depression in old age that can be avoided if promptly addressed.

Here are some tips on how to manage and optimize your time  effectively to enjoy your retirement life.

* BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR AND START A HOME-BASED BUSINESS: While focusing on yourTanzania - 201200716particular talents, interests and background, look at all the different options available in working from the comfort of YOUR HOME.

* FRIENDSHIPS: Spend time with some old friends or develop some new friendships. It’s a wonderful way to increase your  activity, helping you to stay physically and mentally fit.

* HOBBIES: Join pet clubs,  walking, dancing, reading, maybe starting a book club, knitting, learning a new language, —these are all ways  to socialize and learn new skills. But don’t limit yourself to the ones listed. There’s a big wide world of things out there so come up with some of your own ideas and ENJOY LIFE!cropped-Sunset_bahari_beach_3.jpg

* HOLIDAYS/VACATIONS: The terms may be different (depending on what country you live in), but the idea is the same. Travel with family and friends and visit places you’ve never been before. There are so many wonderful places to go whether you stay close to home or travel abroad.

* GRANDCHILDREN AND OTHER CHILDREN: It’s been said that being around children helps keep you young. Many of those with  grandchildren would likely agree with this statement. If you don’t have grandchildren, or if they don’t live nearby,  try a few alternatives like volunteering to read at a library story-time session. Another idea might be to volunteer  once or twice a week at a local elementary school; perhaps as a teacher’s assistant. This is also a sure-fire way to  boost your activity level!

* CONTINUED EDUCATION: Many retirees choose to take a class or attend a seminar in something they find interesting. It could be anything from learning a new language to photography to a fitness class. Check to see what’s available in  your area. And don’t forget to ask for a senior citizens discount!


* HEALTH AND WELL-BEING:  Self-care involves all areas of our being; physically, mentally, spiritually. Each of  these areas are interconnected and make up who we are as a person. Because all are equally important, it’s necessary to maintain proper care in all three spheres. This varies from person-to-person based on individual needs, but generally speaking, health awareness is very important that it good nutrition, health supplements,  adequate sleep and exercise are great places to start. If you have difficulty  finding a balance you feel comfortable with, try some new things to see what “fits”. If this doesn’t work, consider  speaking to a professional for recommendations. Above all, find what works for you and DO IT! This is YOUR LIFE, so take control, get out there and LIVE IT!!

How to supplement your retirement:  However, in order to be able to do all or some of those activities such as holiday etc you will need to have a stead income and not depending on your retirement pensions only. In this regard, there are  many programs which you can join that can earn you commission/extra income to supplement your retirement pot. These programs include: affiliate program.


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