Retirement Workshops

Retirement workshop

African Retire Retirement WorkshopHow is retirement working out for you? Do you feel fulfilled, buoyant and free? Or has a lack of purpose left you struggling to make a path in a life no longer constrained by the working week?

African Retire is running a workshop to help those seeking fulfillment in retirement to live a life of contentment and purpose, offering advice on lifestyle, planning and adopting a positive outlook.

Retirement is what you make of it. The richly deserved break that grants you the time to do all you ever dreamed of, or if it suits you better to put your feet up and enjoy a slower pace of life.

Make retirement work for you

What is important is that retirement works for you. If, for whatever reason, retirement is falling short of the expectations you had, or you are feeling at a loss as to how to fill your time, African Retire Retirement Workshopnow is the time to seize this great opportunity and find out how to make the most of your retirement.

The African Retire workshop is free and offers guidance in a strictly confidential environment for you to move forward and enjoy your newfound time.

The first step is identifying the life you want to lead. This can be easier said than done and our workshop will help you find the inspiration to change your outlook – and help you put the changes in place.

Having experienced the benefits of a retirement rethink, African Retire wants to share that knowledge and empower other retirees to live the life they want to.

Making positive change

African Retire Retirement WorkshopLasting three to four hours the retirement workshop will help you to identify what is causing you concern and what is holding you back from enjoying retirement to the full.

Using this feedback we will help you to work towards making your goal a reality, outlining the steps you need to take to bring positive change to your retirement.

Everyone who attends the event will be asked to identify a project that they would like to do, which can be submitted by email.

There will be space for up to 30 people on the first workshop, so book early to secure a place. The retirement workshop is expected to last around half a day and refreshments will be provided.

For more information, please send an email by clicking here. New retirement workshops to be announced in May 2018.

African Retire Retirement Workshop