True Nobility

July 9, 2017
What is true Nobility?
How can we be true to our selves and stop comparing your life/notes with others such as your school/college
 colleagues etc. Once Ernest Hemingway said, “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; 
true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

Hemingway never had a problem telling things like they were. And this quote is so true and clear that it’s 
like a smack to the face.
Too many times we get caught up on making money so that we can feel like were are doing better in
life than our friends or family. Everyone wants to park a bigger and expensive car in their driveway the 
day after their neighbor brings home a new car.
Just think about the first high school reunion you went to or when you met one of your colleagues
whom you haven't seen for years? Everyone would want to know what this person was doing with
their life and would be talking about how successful that person was/is. And while most people
wouldn’t admit to it they would be comparing themselves to those around them that's a human nature,
we want to be above our fellow humans.

And that is exactly what Hemingway is talking about here.
Having more money than someone else is cool. But it doesn’t matter if you are the same jerk you
were when you were a teenager and refuse to change.

That’s why you can’t just chase money. You can’t work a grueling schedule or a job you hate but 
make a lot of money and come out as a noble person according to Hemingway.

If you are working a job that gives you the chance to reflect and work in a way that you are comfortable 
then you have the chance to be better than your former self instead of just being a miserable workaholic.
And if it makes you a fortune then that is just a perk and you can plan your future well in advance.

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